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The Tolbooth Tavern, Tolbooth Street FK1 1NL
<p>2013 Folk at the Tryst Concert</p>
<p><strong>Session Night</strong></p> <p><strong>Barluath</strong></p>
<p>2013 Folk at the Tryst Concert</p>
<p><strong>Session Night</strong></p> <p><strong>Martin Carthy</strong></p>
<p>Thursday 1 August 2013 (<strong>Sold Out</strong>)</p>
<p><strong>Brendan Hendry & Jonny Toman</strong></p>
<p>Another sell-out gig</p> <p><strong>Martin Carthy</strong></p>
<p>Thursday 1 August 2013 (<strong>Sold Out</strong>)</p>
<p><strong>Brendan Hendry & Jonny Toman</strong></p>
<p>Another sell-out gig</p> <p><strong>Paul McKenna</strong></p>
<p>Our 'first foot' artist for 2013</p>
<p><strong>O'Hooley & Tidow</strong></p>
<p>Memorable night with Belinda and Heidi</p> <p><strong>Paul McKenna</strong></p>
<p>Our 'first foot' artist for 2013</p>
<p><strong>O'Hooley & Tidow</strong></p>
<p>Memorable night with Belinda and Heidi</p> <p><b>Brian McNeill</b></p>
<p>2013 Folk at the Tryst Concert<b></b></p>
<p><strong>Pauline Alexander</strong><b><br /></b></p> <p><b>Brian McNeill</b></p>
<p>2013 Folk at the Tryst Concert<b></b></p>
<p><strong>Pauline Alexander</strong><b><br /></b></p> <p><b>Barbara Dymock</b></p>
<p>2013 Folk at the Tryst</p>
<p><strong>Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar</strong></p>
<p>Late Summer Programme</p> <p><b>Barbara Dymock</b></p>
<p>2013 Folk at the Tryst</p>
<p><strong>Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar</strong></p>
<p>Late Summer Programme</p>

Other news

Céad míle fáilte!

Welcome to all

A great start to our summer season of session nights at the club

Our "Hauf In, Hauf Oot" sessions where we play outside in the beer gairden and retire to the wee room "Tap o' the Stair" after the interval, has proved a great success

It's been a delight to welcome visitors from overseas too, Australia and Musselburgh

We can't help but want to celebrate the major international event happening just a short distance from us here in the sun kissed shores of Grangemouth & Falkirk

Good luck to all the participants in all the events

In case you missed it, here's the stunning performance by South African singer Pumeza Matshikiza, singing Hamish Henderson's 'Freedom Come A' Ye


  Here's some pics of the opening ceremony at the games


Falkirk & The Homecoming

Homecoming 2014
2014 represents a hugely significant year for Scotland with the topic of the nation's political future firmly in the global spotlight.
There's plenty to occupy us ahead of the momentous decision in  the 18th September Referendum
This year marks Scotland's second Homecoming Year and, on the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, the nation plays host to two of the world's great sporting events, The Ryder Cup and The Commonwealth Games.

Barluath Broom Bezzums
All across the country there are celebrations and events to mark this historic year and, here in Falkirk, will also see the official opening of The John Muir Way and The Helix development with Andy Scott's Kelpies as it's stunning centrepiece and landmark
Falkirk Folk Club too, is keen to play it's part in this special year and is hosting a series of events between January and December to mark The Homecoming
We welcome back to Falkirk, some of the most acclaimed performers from the folk scene who have visited the club down the years
Along with the new and emerging talent, the tremendous participation of our local musicians and your company, we look forward to another highly exciting and successful year

Thank You For A Fantastic Tryst!

Our Year of Homecoming Folk at the Tryst has been an overwhelming success

Featuring excellent performances by Archie Fisher, Carroncast, Barluath and Flossie, both venues were packed for three nights of superb quality entertainment

Children enjoyed a unique Bannockburn themed dance workshop with Impression Arts and the three session nights including our celebration of the John Muir Way, were fabulous occasions

Our floor spots at the Tolbooth Tavern, as ever, did a tremendous job in creating a wonderful atmosphere for the Thursday gig


Of course there are many to thank for contributing to this year's success

We are grateful to all the artists and the club committee, our helpers, CarronCast and club members who gave such tremendous performances,  commitment and support throughout

Also thanks to all the staff at Falkirk Town Hall, Falkirk Council, the Tolbooth Tavern, the Steeple Box Office and to Jacq-a-Bite Catering

All contributed greatly to the smooth running of events

The wonders of the Kist o Riches

A tremendous resource, the Kist o Riches website contains over 30,000 oral recordings made in Scotland and further afield, from the 1930s onwards. The items you can listen to include stories, songs, music, poetry and factual information.

Special events

Come in and enjoy our 2014 Summer Sessions

Falkirk Folk Club continues through the summer with a series of session nights. Always great at this time of year, to welcome visitors on holiday in Scotland, to the club. In recent years we've enjoyed the company of those from far and wide including Australia, USA, Israel, Germany, France and Ireland as well as many and various parts of England, Wales and Scotland

Bring your instruments and join in, hopefully we can venture into the outdoor decking area too!

New Membership

You can now become a member of Falkirk Folk Club for just a Tenner!!

Yes, this year's membership has been set at the flat rate of a £10 for all and can be paid anytime now.

It's a great way to show support for the club and of course, there's the benefit of discounts for many of the club's events throughout the year too!

"We have enjoyed another tremendous year with top quality performances not only from high profile musicians but by the emerging talent and those being newly discovered on the scene"                                                                                                                                                                                   Stuart Miller, Club Organiser

"Over the past few years Falkirk Folk Club has grown thanks to the enthusiasm of club members, visiting artists, guests and the unparalleled support from the proprietor and staff of The Tolbooth Tavern.  This base has allowed the club to become an active part of the community.  Through 'Carron Cast', and developing links with the Falkirk Arts and Civic Council, Community Trust, Social Projects and local groups, the club is building a strong and fond reputation in the town with acknowledgement coming from the Scottish folk fraternity and Falkirk Council  While maintaining the high standard of entertainment on Thursday nights, the social side is most worthwhile and important to our continuing success"                                                            Sam Hughes, Committee Member


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You can now donate to Falkirk Folk Club


As a not-for-profit organisation, the aim of Falkirk Folk Club is to promote and provide a platform for the live performance of Folk and Traditional Music and Song in the Falkirk area.

We would be delighted to have your support in helping to raise funds which will ensure that we can maintain the high quality, range and variety of events throughout the year encouraging participation at all levels.

With our members, friends and associates active across the community we will continue to raise the profile of Folk and Traditional Music and enable enjoyment of its’ rich heritage and tradition to Falkirk’s diversity of groups and ages.

We would be most grateful for any donation of any size that you can afford to make.Be it £1, £2, £5, €10 or $50, every pound. dollar or euro will be used to ensure that Folk & Traditional Music remains at the heart of Falkirk's cultural development.

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